Easy Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

It's no secret now-a-days that it's a huge health benefit to be out in nature and it's amazing how calming it can be to forget your busy day-to-day activities and the technology that surrounds us all constantly! But how can we carry this feeling back into our home lives?

I wanted to give you some super quick and easy ways to bring nature (and that calming feeling) into your home, and here's how:

1. The increasingly popular trend of house plants! I for one am a HUGE house plant fan and defo consider myself to be a plant mum...I have around 20 plant through my home and I just love them and I always have my eyes peeled for more. Now, if you're thinking that you're not particularly green fingered, then do not fear, there are plenty of 'EASY CARE' plants that you can opt three recommendations (which I own and love) are:

Scindapsus 'Devils Ivy' - A plant which is happy to hang or to climb and extremely fast growing (so you get to feel like you're being a successful plant parent!) They love a humid environment and a fair amount of water so I keep some of mine in the shower!

Zamioculcas 'Raven' - A super forgiving plant which needs minimal watering (if you can be a bit forgetful) and it's equally happy in light and low light areas of a room.

Monstera Deliciosa 'Cheese Plant' - A stunning plant which only needs watering about once a week or when the soil dries out. Fast growing in happy conditions, can take up quite a lot of space and will need a moss pole for support!

Alternatively there are lots of fairly realistic artificial house plants on the market these days if you are after the 'green look' with zero upkeep. You'll find no judgement here from me, whatever suits your lifestyle!

2. Introduce some artwork which is full of nature and greenery, it's sure to transport you to the outdoors when you look at it!

3. Introduce a calm neutral colour scheme into your home which sits back well with natural materials from nature, or even decorate with shades of green which will create that soothing tranquil atmosphere within a room and bring the outdoors in.

I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to bring nature into your home, whether you feel a bit of redecorating is on the cards, or maybe just the introduction of a plant or two...or three!

Until next time,