You may or may not have seen but my new Japandi collection of prints launched earlier this week and I'm so excited about them!

Japandi is a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. The look is minimal, warm and calming. It brings plenty of natural materials into the home (which of course look fab with lots of house plants which I loooove!) as well as touches of wabi-sabi enthused imperfection, which I think is just beautiful.

The collection is inspired by getting out into nature and bringing its calming health benefits back into your home with you. The prints focus on Japanese ideas:

Shinrin-Yoku - a visit to the forest for relaxation and to improve ones health

Wabi-Sabi - the appreciation of things imperfect and impermanent, accepting the flow of life

Ukiyo - living in the moment, being detached from the bothers of life

Ikigai - having meaningful direction or purpose in life

I have put together a quick mood board to help show how the prints can used to create the Japandi style in your home with natural materials and a calming colour palette. I hope it's useful for you!